Happy Camper Phone Case


If you’re a self-proclaimed “adventurer” who has got a serious case of the travel bug, this is the phone accessory for you! Sealed with a matte protective top coat to withstand all wild your adventures, or for when you just drop your phone in the bathroom (let’s be real). Price of shipping included!


See the “description” section below for color customization options.


Please disclose what type of phone case you want during check out (example: iPhone XR case, Galaxy 9+ case, etc). If a case size is undisclosed, please expect an email requesting the information after your order has been received. 


*Please note that no pour result is exactly alike – each product is uniquely made and will have a slightly different patterns. 



Customizations welcomed: Choose up to 3 background pour colors by leaving a note at the “Additional Information” section at checkout – along with the case size you want!

Additional information

iPhone XR


iPhone 7 or 8


iPhone XS


iPhone SE


Samsung Galaxy


Google Pixel 4