About Allover Designs: The Local Artist Near You

When searching for art to fill your home or office, you’ve got a world of options; however, I’ve found that most customers agree –  there’s just something special about working with and supporting a local artist near you!

I’m Alexa, the artist behind Allover Designs. 

My mom’s what I call “boujee on a budget”. Basically, she likes the finer things in life, but not the price tag that comes with them. So when she started scavenging the social medias for artwork for our house, I knew I could make something better – and cheaper. I got to work, and over the years, our friends and family have seen it hanging in our home and asked for pieces for their own! From there, I found success via Instagram selling pieces locally, and I’m hoping to continue that success to the web world too!

Your Local Abstract Artist 

Confession: I’m not a professional abstract artist. The most legit training I’ve had is high school art classes. I don’t know the first thing about how art is “supposed to” be created. What I do know is this: When I was created, God put certain talents deep down in me just like he did everyone. I’m just fortunate enough to find mine at year 22 of life! No matter what it looks like for me, I pray that He uses this business as a tool to expand His kingdom. 

When I’m not holding a paintbrush, I’m usually either holding a field hockey stick or a sushi roll (shrimp tempura to be specific). I find joy in serving on the leadership team in my church community of young adults, and unwinding with my 3-year old fur-baby on the couch with baking shows queued up on Netflix.


Local Artist Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an injustice that breaks my heart. I believe every person has the right to be genuinely loved, encouraged, and respected. Because of this, I feel so fortunate to be able to partner with North Star Initiative, Lancaster’s first safe house for supporting survivors of human trafficking! They are a great organization that helps rebuild women with proper education, counselling, jobs, and a safe living environment.


If you have ideas for a custom commission piece, would like to schedule a booking, or have questions about myself or what I do, feel free to contact me via email through my website. I look forward to working with you and making your space a gorgeous one!